Film 208

Welcome to my Digital Media and Culture Blog

Emily Lapine

Fall 2019

Over the course of the semester, I only made small changes to the format of my blog while writing and uploading my posts. I felt that I would want to have all of my content posted before making any thematic or organizational changes to my overall site and its appearance. The changes that I did make had to do with textual content and the formatting of my writing. Having made WordPress websites for other classes at Emory in the past, I did not have the highest expectations for the outcome of my website, as WordPress is always challenging to work with. However, I hoped that it would be my best yet and I feel that I was able to improve my work and accomplish that. I feel that I was able to accomplish my goals, and create a platform for the assignments that I wrote and created over the semester. In the future, I will use my experience from our class to create a website that holds my portfolio. As my work is more visual than written, I will have to play around with the platforms and themes most conducive to showcasing that work. Though blogs and websites are foundational to digital media and culture, I feel that I may have had more success and could have been more explorative using a more relevant platform to share my work. Potentially tying in posts to an Instagram through links, or just exploring the use of social media and writing.

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